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3 simple ways to destress your skin

by Jennie Fresa |

The end of summer and the beginning of September can be stressful. Whether you're a parent suddenly getting your kids out the door to school, starting school yourself, or reluctantly transitioning from summer beach days to long days at the office. This time of year can be downright stressful.
So what does all that stress mean for your skin?


There’s no coincidence that pimples have a habit of popping up right before a special occasion, or that important job interview. Stress makes our hormone levels spike, aggravating any skincare problems we may have, and causing some new ones too.

Here are a few tips to relax your skin while you’re under pressure. 

1. Relax those muscles. 

Heard of worry lines? All that stress has a habit of showing up on your face. Pay attention to what your face is doing and make a mental note to relax it. #restingbitchface It might sound strange, but overtime those little reminders to yourself throughout the day will feel natural. A skincare routine of a clearing mask, cleanser, and serum will not only help you relax, but moisturize and clear your skin to keep those fine lines and acne far away.

2. Make it glow.

When you’re under stress, dead cells don’t shed as quickly as they normally do. Result? Dry, rough skin. Give them a helping hand by exfoliating your face. My go-to is Nugg's exfoliating mask, it gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth and clear complexion.

Another relaxing exfoliation tip is dry brushing. This practice removes dead skin cells from your body, while improving your digestive system and your body's natural detox process. Read our blog post on dry brushing here.

3. Don't neglect your health.

When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we stop exercising and reach for processed and prepared food. Both physical activities and healthy foods are essential to keep skin in top shape. And don’t forget your eight hours of sleep. 

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