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5 Tips for Period Positivity

by Jennie Fresa |

5 tips for period positivity
From the time we hit puberty, we're taught to hate our periods. We're taught to hide it, complain about it and dread the cramps, cravings and cranky moods. When you take a moment to really think about it that's how we're told and expected to feel about our natural bodies.

Image if we were taught to embrace it - even love - our periods. #periodpositivity 

While we have a monthly reminder from our "Aunt Flo" - it's important to take the time and remember how our outlook effects the girls in our lives, but also girls worldwide. 

With a recent Oscar win for Period. End of Sentence, the reality of periods worldwide is gaining more (needed) attention. And while in the United States, when a girl gets her period, she may miss a class. When a girl gets her period in a developing country, she may never go to school again. 

As the movie champions, a period should end a sentence, not a girls' education. But unfortunately, that's what's happening all over the world. Girls are missing school during menstruation because of embarrassment or lack of menstrual products.

That's why today I wanted to encourage you to champion your personal period positivity. You'll be amazed how your personal positivity can have rippling effects not only for the women and girls in your life, but those around the world. 
5 tips for period positivity
1. Don't be afraid to talk about it! Feeling like you can't talk about your cramps or having to change your pad, only makes things worse. Menstruating is a totally normal thing and it should be talked about that way, as just another part of life. 

2. Treat yourself during your period! Make your time of the month something you look forward to - a time to relax, give yourself a break, and eat some chocolate. Seriously, that last part isn't a joke. During our period our uterine muscles are undergoing a lot of work: a lot of muscular contractions and you know what helps muscles relax? Magnesium. And pure dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) can be the perfect dose of magnesium in a very enjoyable way. 

3. Use reusables. They're not only better for our environment but they prevent us from simply throwing away our period and distancing ourselves from the process. If you're interested, make sure and check out Lunette Cup! 

4. Learn about your cycle. Your uterus is a crazy-amazing thing! Don't be ashamed of it - take the opportunity to learn more. I promise you, you'll be amazed at what they skipped over during your high school health class. 

5. Use it to drive change! 
5 tips for period positivity

In a rural village outside Delhi, India, women lead a quiet revolution. They fight against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation. "Period. End of Sentence." -- this Oscar winning documentary short directed by Rayka Zehtabchi -- tells their story.  Watch here. 

The Pad Project, a California nonprofit that raises money for machines that help make pads. The machines are then donated to women in impoverished areas. Learn more. 

Quite simply, Ruby Cup makes a world of difference with their buy one, give one program, helping to promote menstrual health in developing countries. Learn more. 

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