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how to strategically grow out your brows

by Jennie Fresa |

Bold brows are back! If excessive plucking (hello, early 2000's) has left you with brows less than wow, we've got your step by step guide to get the growth + look you want. 

First, don't touch your brows for 2 months to 15 weeks.

Yep, I said it!! Put the tweezer down and cancel your appointments. If you really want your brows to grow and you’ve been over tweezing, you need to play the long game. And I promise you, your patience will be well worth it. 

Brows grow in a roughly three to four month cycle.
The first is the anagen phase, which determines the length of hair. 
The catagen phase is when the follicle starts to advance toward the skin. 
And in the telogen phase, hair falls out and new hair grows from it. 

Worried about that awkward in-between phase? It’s kind of like the middle school of hair growth where your brow hairs aren’t 100% sure where they fit in and which direction they’re supposed to go. But don't worry, in time they’ll find their place. 
During this in-between phase you may notice a small and sporadic amount of hair growth closer to your eyelid rather than your brow line. Often, these sparse hairs will have you reaching for your mirror and tweezers. But trust us and allow your hairs to grow closer to the brow line. They will! 
In the meantime, use an eyebrow pencil to lightly shade in the areas that are sparse.  Defining the brow shape will draw attention to the brow, and the random stragglers growing underneath will fade into the background. 


Award Winning Lily Lolo 2 in 1 Brow Duo Pencils from London glides on effortlessly to fill and define brows, the highlighter brightens to lift the arch creating well shaped natural looking eyebrows. There are no artificial ingredients, just long lasting non-drying formula, with moisturising coconut oil, smooth soft texture and vegan friendly.

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At 16 weeks your brows have made a major comeback and it's time to come into Jennie Fresa for a consult with one of our expert estheticians, to shape your perfect brow. Not local? We might just be worth the trip. ;) But if you're not willing to fly for your brows, be open with your esthetician about your brow growth, goals, and look. 

If you're looking to speed up the process, consider an eyebrow growth serum or fuel your brows from the inside out with plant-based omegas and vitamin E. 


We’re all about faking it until you make it, but this all-natural serum will actually help you grow (or grow back) your own. Made with nine responsibly sourced botanical actives, this formula stimulates, strengthens, and protects hair follicles with zero scary side-effects. It also works on lashes too!

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HUM Nutrition's Red Carpet capsules jump-start your skin care routine by giving your body a health and beauty boost from the inside out. Black currant and sunflower seed oil provide omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients for stronger, shinier hair and healthier skin. 

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