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Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

by Jennie Fresa |

Did you see flurries yesterday? If you did, than it may be hard to believe that warmer weather is right around the corner. But it is - meaning it's time to change up your beauty routine! It's also the perfect time to edit, clean and organize your existing beauty collection. 

With that in mind, here are 5 things you can do now to prepare your beauty routine for spring!

First things first. See what you're working with when it comes to your beauty routine. Go through everything and check expiration dates, repeats, or anything that looks gross or you just don't use anymore. Toss these to make room for the items you love, and maybe some new ones! 

Shop our entire collection of clean beauty products here! 

You can get some nasty infections, including pink eye from a dirty brush - yuck! To clean, gently swirl brush heads on a bar of facial soap or in the palm of your hand along with your favorite liquid cleanser to dislodge debris. Then rinse the bristles throughly with warm water. Repeat these steps until the water runs clear, and allow brushes to dry overnight on a towel. Hint - letting the heads hang over an edge will help keep their shape.

When should you replace a brush? Anytime the bristles start to snap or shed. Look familiar? Shop our collection of vegan brushes here! 

Make your morning routine simple and easy, by optimizing efficiency with your makeup routine and organization. You can get creative with used candle jars, vintage teacups, pretty trays and acrylic organizers to display your prettiest and most-used products. 

The sun's rays are getting stronger, so it's time to upgrade your SPF. If your sunscreen is below SPF 30 - it's time to swap it out! Also, make sure you love it and that it leaves your skin feeling great. Reminder - you'll be wearing it every single day, right? 

Need an upgrade? Make sure + check out Coola's Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer. It protects and boosts your skin’s defense against aging caused by the sun with antioxidants, broad spectrum SPF 30, all with a refreshing cucumber scent. 
It may be time to shelve that heavy moisturizer you've been using all winter long. As the weather warms up, most skin types don't need thick creams to stay hydrated. Try something lighter like our Suntegrity 5-1 Moisturizing Face Sunscreen. You will love this all in one, "UV Chemical-Free"Tinted Sunscreen/Beauty Benefit (BB) cream that treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers the skin. 

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