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this ones for the men

by Jennie Fresa |

This ones for the men, and they deserve clean beauty too!! And no one is doing it better than Crux Supply Co

In 2013, Crux Supply Co. set out on a mission to develop better skincare and grooming products for men and women. In an industry overrun by harsh chemicals and deceptive labeling, they want to be know for honesty and simplicity. And that's definitely something we can get behind!

When it comes to ingredients, they seek the best natural and organic alternatives for your skin - like cane sugar for exfoliation and essential oils for grooming needs, from shaving to skincare. 

Shop our entire Crux Supply Co. collection and curated Men's Shop in perfect timing for the holidays! 

There's True Grit and then there's just grit -- that man-scented film of dirt that slanders the skin of even the kindest gentleman. Show that scum who's boss with our charcoal grit bar; a serious body bar that combines the exfoliating power of pumice and black walnut shell power with the toxin-busting properties of charcoal. Use all over the body --including face and hands-- and enjoy the fresh scents of cedar wood, clary sage, and lime. $16


Great skin takes teamwork. Meet your toning dream team. At the heart of this formula is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial tea tree oil, which promotes clear, healthy skin. Astringent witch hazel tames inflammation and shrinks pores, and menthol adds a chilly tingle. Finally, rosemary and bergamot oil combat excess oil to keep pores clear—and smell as fresh as a forest, to boot. $16

Tame the whiskers, never the man. Your face is your first impression—so put your best beard forward with this buttery balm. Keeping up with the best beard oils, it features scruff-softening shea butter and jojoba oil, plus the scent of clary sage, bergamot, and rosewood. Closing the deal, though, is a holding agent to help you wrangle rogue whiskers with ease. $22


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